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Teresa T ~ All Over the Planet

Teresa is one of my favorite friends and favorite travel companions.  As I write, you’ll be reading about many adventures we’ve shared together over the past few years.  We’ve enjoyed experiences in Afghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Las Vegas, and Alaska.  While I continue to enjoy the memories of our travels, our first encounter always gives me a chuckle.

Teresa and me in Alaska

As you’ve surmised from my ramblings, I choose not to be serious very often.  I don’t care for serious moments or situations.  Serious people grate on my nerves.  I dislike formalities and uptight people.  I think a lot of people need to chill the fuck out & stop taking life so seriously and remember that none of us are getting out alive.

Me and Teresa at a school in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. My message: Kids! DO NOT smoke marijuana unless someone else pays for it!

I think I met Teresa in 2008 at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan when my team was preparing for an upcoming mission.  As Agent in Charge on my team, one of my duties was to meet with Foreign Service Officers several times prior to our missions so we could sort out details regarding venues, movement times, various logistical issues, and other things.  On this particular occasion I was to meet with Teresa and the lovely Lubna (who I continue to have a crush on).  I arrived at the Embassy with my teammate Andy; Andy was often the driver of the ‘Limo’, and he and I worked very well together.

Teresa and Me in Cairo Egypt (love the photography skills of the waiter)

Andy and I were shown into a meeting room that had a very large table and very comfortable chairs; the chair covers were constructed of some sort of a fake leather looking vinyl type of material.   Teresa and Lubna sat across the table from us, and we began our meeting.  Shortly into the meeting, I re-adjusted in my seat and attempted to make myself more comfortable.  As I scooted my ass forward, my pants interacted perfectly with the cheap fake leather seat cover, making it sound like I farted!  Being a lover of dramatics and humor and having great dislike of formal moments, I suddenly paused in my movement, made my eyes very large as I feigned a guilty look, and I said very rapidly, “THAT WASN’T ME!”   I’ve been friends with Teresa and Lubna ever since!

Bar at 'Lands End' Alaska - wall where people sign dollar bills and hang them

As I write more stories, I’ll take you on trips with me and Teresa as our brakes fail us while traversing through a mountainous region in Ethiopia.  I’ll take you on a dinner cruise with us as we dine on the Nile River and encounter a magical dwarf and a belly dancer with the most amazing jugs I’ve ever seen.  Together, we’ll enjoy the largest King Crab the great state of Alaska has to offer after out trip into the wilderness.  We’ll visit museums, a school, and catacombs in a far away place.   We’ll head to a Jazz Festival in Africa.  And we will share a chance encounter with friends I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years in the most unlikely of places.

Our bill

World:  Meet Teresa T.  I hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we did…


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