Tales of a Modern Day Nomad

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The Brown Cloud

Prostitution and diseases were so incredibly bad at one point that the City developed a solution to better aid with getting Hookers off the streets:  Anyone with a prior prostitution arrest or contact stopped within X – amount of blocks from South Sixth Avenue were to receive an automatic six months in Jail.

I was working a Swing Shift one evening and doing paperwork in a parking lot while monitoring activity on South Sixth.  As I wrote in a previous entry, seeing black people in South T was extremely rare.  I looked up at one particular point and saw a car stop along side a black woman who was standing on a curb.  I took out my binoculars and began taking in the scene.  It certainly looked like a prostitution deal in the making; the thing that seemed very odd to me was the black lady was dressed in a very nice dress, and all of our local whores were the two-dollar types.

As soon as she got into the car, I caught up to and stopped the car.  I asked her to exit and sit in the rear of my car for my safety, and she complied.  At the time, we had a standing deal for ‘Johns’ offered by the Prosecutor:  If the ‘John’ acknowledged he solicited and that the two of them had sorted out a money for sex deal, the ‘John’ could ‘walk’, and we’d book the hooker.  The John absolutely refused to acknowledge that they had been brokering a deal.  I went back to the suspected whore and questioned her; same story.  I ran wants/warrants on the suspected whore and came up with nothing.

I requested Dispatch to perform a (if memory serves) ‘sound-index’.  The way the ‘sound-ex’ works is, if someone is giving false information such as name, date of birth, etc, the program scrambles the information they provided to see if they can find a name or birth date that is slightly off than the one they gave.

While the check was being conducted, I began chatting up the suspected whore.  We began talking about travel, and she mentioned that she spent some time in Seattle.  Dispatch contacted me and informed they found a ‘hit’ in Washington State and the ‘hit’ was for prostitution.  All of the physical identifiers, including a tattoo, matched.  BINGO!  I handcuffed her and let the John go.

As we began driving to the Jail for her free six-month retreat, she began saying, “I’m gonna tell them you stole my jewelry, motherfucker!”  Here we go…  One of our Detectives was working so I asked him for  a meet on the way to the jail.  I had him search me and my equipment so I could document her allegation and the fact that she had no jewelry.  After the search of me, we continued onto the jail.

She was bitching and cursing the entire way, which I can deal with.  Then she spit on me through the steel cage; breaking point!  I accelerated to about 65mph and suddenly locked up the brakes, effectively planting her face into the steel cage.  I had dispatch call ahead to the jail to advise them I had a ‘combative spitter’.   Upon arrival, we were met by ‘the brown cloud’:  Brown jailer uniforms ready to be unleashed and bring the hate.  They threw an ‘anti-spitting’ bag over her head, hobbled her quicker than a Cowboy on a calf at a Rodeo, and ‘helped’ her into the Jail in a very unorthodox manner.

A word to the wise:  While Police Officers have to tolerate a lot of shit from people, Jailers do not.  =)


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